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    Hey guys!

    This is the first year I'll be going to nae, and my first airsoft event! What should I expect? I've heard a little bit from people who have been before, but only a little.

    One thing that concerned me was that apparently we can't get cars out once they are parked? Is there any way around this, as mobility may be necessary.

    I plan to arrive around 8-9am ish on the friday to obtain a decent place to set up. My group has already booked a private toilet.

    Is the sales tent reasonably priced, or a rip off? Do people sell stuff at discount to get rid of stock on the sunday?

    Any hints or tips much appreciated!

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    You can get in and out at anytime so not sure why they say that except try not to go out when the players are going out first thing or at the end of the game as the lane gets a little clogged.

    The sales tent is normal shop prices and sell most things you might need and if that does not normally the car boot will have a bargain or two.

    My tip is get a water bladder for your vest and stay hydrated as the trip back to your tent can be 15 minutes plus from the game field so think hard also on what you need to take like extra ammo and snacks (only take M&Ms type chocolate as everything else melts) and a spare battery or two.

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    Quote Originally Posted by curlyboy View Post
    ...My tip is get a water bladder for your vest and stay hydrated as the trip back to your tent can be 15 minutes plus from the game field...Curlyboy
    don't forget they have taps right by the exit of the game area, next to registration. I tend to top up any time I'm passing there.

    OP. Curlyboy is right, the sales tent is basically just Zeroone's online store moved to the event, the prices are usually just the same as on the website. I don't think they've done any discounts at the end of the day, I can't imagine they don't have any particular need to clear stock. Necessities like BBs and Gas are usually abundant and fairly priced.

    Where the bargains are is in the car boot, it's worth constantly revisiting, as sellers tend not to be there the whole time, as they are often also planning to play or to play one day and sell the other.

    If you are a stingy sod like me, bring your own food, the concessions are festival level prices. My recollection of the beer tent though is that it's not too nutty.

    General advice I say to everyone is this: If you've been on social media and asked about the event, you can't go anywhere without someone having a gripe about a bad game play experience. My advice is if you don't like the game play you are getting, try a totally different area of the field. I think this is why I still love the event 8 years on when a lot of people with otherwise similar tastes to me dislike it. The site is huge and varied, and it's worth exploring.

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    Fig nailed it, to be fair, this gets asked almost every year, Just go with an open mind, some money for beer or some new bits and you will enjoy yourself. Forth year on the bounce for me, highlight of my otherwise quite social calendar

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    Quote Originally Posted by shamus5178 View Post
    highlight of my otherwise quite social calendar

    Mine too

    We have 50+ coming this year

    We don't bite neither, just keep and eye out for Cornish/Kernow flags in the camping area, pop along and say hi.

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