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Thread: G&G GC16 SR-CQB Vs Krytac MKII CRB

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    Default G&G GC16 SR-CQB Vs Krytac MKII CRB

    Hi guys,

    I'm looking to upgrade my M4, to either of the following:

    1. G&G AEG GC16 SR-CQB (http://www.zerooneairsoft.com/produc...oducts_id=5294)


    2. Krytac MK2 CRB (http://www.bespokeairsoft.co.uk/_sho...mk2-crb-black/)

    I wondered what anyone's opinions of either are? have you had any experience with either? Any common problems? Any particular pro's?

    I would like to stick with my 9.6v NiMH batteries rather than having to upgrade to lipo's if i can. I play mainly at cqb sites but do play some longer outdoor sites too.

    Many thanks,

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    Default Re: G&G GC16 SR-CQB Vs Krytac MKII CRB

    I personally have owned both and moved on from both to AKs, the g&g ones are great for advanced players or new players to the sport the mosfet is nice and allows people to throw in a big lipo no problem, the trigger is one of the better micro switches I've use more like a mouse click super nice. Motor is a upgrade from the basic combat machines but still a bit whiney.

    If you want a great gun you needed really need to upgrade and can afford the little extra then go krytac, love them and always recommend them, saying that I did hear that the first batch in the UK had a few lemons in them, but that was just the CRB range, anyway range is awesome, the hop is spot on and the dial is a great idea, not much else to say they are brilliant if you can afford the little extra,

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    Default Re: G&G GC16 SR-CQB Vs Krytac MKII CRB

    To get the best out of both guns, I couldn't highly recommend enough, change to Lipo.

    Trigger response is better than any nimh, they cope with cold weather better and take up a tiny amount of space that the nimh does.

    If you're spending that much on a gun, then 15 on a smart charger and 10-15 for a Lipo is the way to go.

    It's like running a nice car on cheap fuel, will run better on premium fuel

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