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    Ladies and gents I am acutely aware I owed postage of items but was called away for work.

    I am back now for only 1 day to sort my kit out and go away again.

    If we have done a deal, trade or you have bought something from me in the past couple of weeks I am now 100% up to date on posting items out.

    Apologies for any inconvenience, it's certainly not how I like to do business but as I am sure you will appreciate, works takes priority as that is what actually pays my mortgage.

    Many thanks for your understanding and patience.

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    Thanks for the update buddy, didn't like to pressure you, certainly wouldn't have done a "lost souls" on you, prob the first member to name himself on here lol.

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    Default Re: Bryan Mills (yes, myself) - all posted

    LMAO, not worried bud, knew you would post when you had a chance.
    arrived this morning, opened up package and found a nice surprise, cheers for the sweeties bud, a really nice touch.

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