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Thread: AGM MG42 Upgrade Project - Advice please

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    Default AGM MG42 Upgrade Project - Advice please

    Hi, I recently acquired an AGM MG42, and after a few skirmishes, have decided I love it . I'm planning on changing quite a lot of the internals, as many of the stock parts are of questionable quality. I've put together a preliminary list of parts I'm thinking of buying, if anyone has any experience with either the gun or the parts I plan to buy, it would be greatly appreciated.


    Mosfet : Homemade Mosfet (as planning an 11.1v)
    Battery : 11.1v Lipo, wired to deans
    Motor : SHS HT motor
    Gears : Either SHS 12:1 or Nuprol 13:1
    Cylinder Head : ASG Ultimate V3
    Piston : SHS Nylon Blue
    Spring : I'll sort that out later
    Spring guide : It was suggested to me to change this, can't seem to find what would fit in my gun.

    Barrel / Hop

    Barrel : 6.03mm Madbull, length 509mm, (anyone know of any mid-priced 6.05mm?)
    Hop : Any advice appreciated, looking for a flat hop of some kind.

    Drum Mag

    Battery : Replacing the stock 4xAA with an 11.1v Lipo
    Mosfet : Again, DIY because of new battery
    Motor : Leave as stock for now, wait to see if it blows up.

    Other Stuff

    I'm planning to run the mag off of an 11.1v if the motor will take it, and to match the feed rate with the upgraded gun's using resistors in series to the wiring inside the drum.
    Lots of Electrical and aluminium tape to sort out the wobbles.
    Shims etc. to be done by someone less clumsy than myself.

    As I mentioned, any advice would be appreciated, either on something not working, better or more appropriate parts available etc.

    Many thanks,

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    Default Re: AGM MG42 Upgrade Project - Advice please

    You may well run into problems with that combination of parts. Just the motor, gearing and battery voltage is taking you into the sort of fire rates that could cause pre engagement and AEG suicide. Unless you want to start messing around with short strokes and heavy springs then perhaps take a step back.
    The SHS High torque is a good start, but pair that with SHS 13:1 gears and 7.4v lipo. That will get you snappy trigger response and around 23-24 rps. It will also be reliable if shimmed properly, AOE sorted etc.
    An AEG doesn't have enough cylinder volume to work efficiently with a 500mm barrel. Go for something around 350-360 with a full cylinder and that'll push heavier ammo (0.3g would be ideal for range and accuracy) out with a bit of joule creep. The SHS blue piston with the half metal rack works fine with the matching plastic head. No need to Swiss cheese it, leave it as it is.
    Spring should be M100, maybe M105 with a steel, bearing spring guide.
    Cylinder head and nozzle should be from the same manufacturer to try and ensure a decent air seal. I use SHS because they're inexpensive, well made and they work. Same with the tappet plate.
    Deans connectors, 16awg wiring, Mosfet. All good. But don't bother making your own. Fire Storm Systems do a perfectly good one for a tenner, and it comes with 16awg wording already attached. Plus it's small enough to fit inside the gearbox.
    Flat hop the bucking you have, eraser nub and am the hop arm. Free and effective. Prometheus EG barrel for preference, but ZCI 6.02 ones are cheap, stainless steel and work fine.
    Magazine? You're one your own with that one!
    This is my goto set up. Done it a few times and it just works and keeps working.

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    Default Re: AGM MG42 Upgrade Project - Advice please

    Thanks for all that! I've been looking around for barrels, the only problem being the current barrel sits a lot further into the hop than a regular barrel, causing normal AEG barrels to not fit (at least the two I've tried so far). It seems that everything on the gun is not standard :/ After going through 7500 bb's on a game day this week, I think keeping the ROF down may be a good thing for the wallet

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