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Thread: Reporting something to a mod/admin?

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    Default Reporting something to a mod/admin?

    I'm needing some assistance and don't want to draw alot of attention how do I get in contact with someone to handle something to do with the forum? I can't seem to find a report button, maybe I'm tired

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    Drop into whatever forum you are having an issue with and scroll down.

    Somewhere at the bottom there is usually a list of moderators who look after that particular section of Zero In.

    If that doesn't help, look for Fizzy

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    On your post, bottom left hand corner you'll see little black triangle with an exclamation mark in it, so if its a post you want to bring to mods attention, go to the relevant post, click on the triangle which will enable you to report your concerns.

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    Default Re: Reporting something to a mod/admin?

    Feel free to also PM me directly if you need anything.

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